Who we are!!
Redsalute.in” is an initiative by a group of young comrades from Kerala, with an aim to spread political - left ideologies through art and merchandise. We showcase various products which reflect critical and analytical ideas on a range of subjects, and pay special attention to works on Marxist theory. This forum provides a platform for likeminded people to work together and fulfill this idea. The team includes passionate professionals from various walks of life, with exposure in Art, Technology and Marketing.Through Redsalute.in, we project the interests of the working people and movements for social transformation. We are confident that we would be able to do this job with professionalism and sincerity.

Why we do this!!
In the era of MODIfication, we need to use all possible ways to put forward left thoughts across the nation. We believe that it’s our duty to propagate the message of a necessary left alternative in all areas of life. We have a prospect to reach millions of people through Redsalute.in. We wish to exhibit products which having something special with left or Marxist ideology. It’s also an attempt for setting counter narratives to attacks from capitalistic and pro- fascist groups.

What we deliver!!
Redsalute.in is a registered e-commerce website having a large verity of books and political merchandise. It works as a market place where, approved sellers can display and sale their products. Product range includes Books, paintings, T Shirts, bags, drinkware and so on.

What we expect!!
At Redsalute.in, we use the power of online platform to drive positive changes in the socio political Diaspora. Through our products we try to deliver messages of left alternatives to the people of each and every corner of India, with the slogan “its possible to have a left alternative”

How we do!!
Redsalute.in is opensouce collective, features products conceptualized by our team which projects the interests of the working people and movements for social transformation. Team members of Redsalute.in can showcase their products and users can reach them through this platform and buy these products.
This will be having a positive impact on our community, our environment and the global economy.